The Walking Dead Season 1 PC Original – Now FREE!


A foundation and the beginning of what we know from developers called Telltale Games, as important as the role of The Walking Dead for the developer who is now busy with so many interactive story game projects that are released in this episodic format. His ability to mix an original story from popular media, wrapping it up with interesting characters, with a story ready to make your heart crumble is the power of this phenomenal series. You are always curious but never had the opportunity to taste it? Good news for you, because The original Walking Dead Season 1 is now FREE!


Offers thrown by the digital gaming platform that also contains donations – Humble Bundle allows you to download The Walking Dead Season 1 original version for free, no charge. All you need to do is create a Humble Bundle account and make a claim for it. The code will then be sent via email and can be redeem via Steam. “Season 1” means to indicate that you will get all the episodes that will be the basis of this Clementine adventure.

You who are interested can visit the following Humble Bundle page. Remember, this offer is available only for a limited time! Do not forget to claim it!

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