Dev. PUBG: No Price Increase Plan!


The most popular PC games today, no more worthy words to explain the phenomenon surrounding Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or more often called “PUBG”. The battle-royale game containing 100 players on this same battlefield has even achieved many fantastic achievements over the past few months. From successfully defeating DotA 2 from the peak of Steam’s busiest game at one point, to announce sales that have touched 10 million copies. And believe it or not, all these things happen when this game has not even been released in full to the market. True skeali, he still game Early-Access.


The developer – Bluehole Studio itself is in the process of finalizing and releasing the final version of PUBG before the end of 2017, although still without a definite release window. The big question is of course one, does this mean the price of PUBG will go up? Because the mirror of the game case Early Access is finally released full like Ark: Survival Evolved who even dare to raise the price to two-fold, this seems a rational scenario.

Bluehole came with good news. They say that for the moment, there is no plan to raise prices at all, even when they are getting out of the Early Access though. The final version of PUBG will be offered at a similar price. Speaking with GameSpot, the brains behind this game – Brendan Greene also echoes a sense of optimism that PUBG’s popularity will continue to improve in the future. He mentioned that he did not see any signs of stagnating at the moment. Not impossible, according to Greene, that PUBG can touch numbers up to 100 million copies.

With a final release that will be available before 2017 and an “exclusive” collaboration with Microsoft for the Xbox One version release, PUBG’s popularity does not seem unstoppable anyway, at least in the near future. How about you? How many of you are still addicted to tasting it?

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