Call of Duty Series 2018 Will Offer The Current War?


Fulfilling what gamers want and chanted over the past few years, Activision and Sledgehammer Games are finally ready to bring the Call of Duty to its roots. After a futuristic theme that dominates, the decision to return to the second world war era through COD: WWII is a welcome step. With the ability of Call of Duty to mix bombastic campaign mode that is not inferior to the big screen film from Hollywood though, there is a sense of optimism that grows there. Moreover, Activision himself had committed and commented that COD: WWII is not the last “classic” war for the COD series. But next year, we seem to be anticipating something different.


With a three-year cycle handled by three different developers, the Call of Duty series for 2018 should be handled by Treyarch, the brain behind the Black Ops series. But instead of ending with a new series of wars of the past as previously echoed by Activision, it is likely that the Treyarch’s Call of Duty blend will present the theme of today’s wars. This can be seen from job openings for Systems Designer (Combat) which writes that applicants must have deep knowledge of modern arms and military technology.

Does this mean, as with the Modern Warfare series, Treyarch will be preparing the 2018 Call of Duty game with the theme of today’s war? Neither Activision nor Treyarch himself, still have not spoken about it. Let’s wait for information from them in the future.

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