Bethesda still has one “Secret” game for 2017


In contrast to most of the publishers out there who usually provide a vast window of time from initial introduction to release for their giant product, Bethesda does have a pretty unique strategy. Almost most of their latest games, of any size, are usually introduced for the first time in the E3 2017, for the release time also planned in the same year. For the year 2017, “suddenly” we are faced with at least three interesting games – Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, The Evil Within 2, and standalone – Dishonored: The Death of the Outsider. Does it cover everything? Apparently not, if based on the latest interview with the backbone – Pete Hines.


Speaking with Tech Syndicate in a recent interview, Pete Hines suddenly mentioned that Bethesda still has one “secret” game that they will release for the year 2017, but they have not announced to the public yet. That, no one knows about this mysterious game. Hines himself refused to provide more details, but promised to open the information in the near future. This is of course a surprising announcement, given that 2017 will end in the next few months.

Will this end up being another AAA game? Or “just” a virtual reality adaptation to their other franchise, as happened with DOOM, Fallout, or Skyrim? Or follow the existing trends, end up being a new mobile game? We’ll wait for you later.

How about you? There is a prediction about what new game is kept by this Bethesda?

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